Evaluation of aquaculture technology by utilizing the chicken slaughterhouse waste in catfish Clarias sp. growout.

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Feed is component of production costs that is quite large reaching 40-89% of the total production cost, so that high price of commercial feed lead to low benefit of Clarias farming. In order to reduce feed cost, some fish farming in Desa Iwul use chicken slaughterhouse waste (CSW) as an alternatif feed. The commercial feed is usually used in 1 st mounth period of Clarias growing out and then continued until the fish are harvested. The purpose of the study was to evaluate performance of the use of CSW (referred as 2nd culture technology), compared to fully utilize commercial feed on Clarias culture (referred as 1st culture technology) in term of technical and economical aspect. The 1st Clarias technology has been carried out at Desa Gunung Sindur, Kecamatan Ciseeng, while the 2nd culture technology at Desa Iwul, Kecamatan Parung. In first Clarias culture technology, the fish were fed with commercial feed until harvested, but in the 2nd Clarias culture technology, fish were fed with commercial feed for 30 days and continued with chicken slaughterhouse waste until harvested. Based on the result, 2nd Clarias culture technology was better than 1st culture technology in technical and economical aspect. The survival rate of fish in the 2nd Clarias culture technology was 90.68%; the feed consumption amount was 720 kg of commercial feed and 1,289.7 kg of chicken slaughterhouse waste, the daily growth rate was 4.71%. In 1,000 m2 area the profit was Rp 44,765,645; R/C Ratio 1.30; BEP (Rp) was 15,067,162 rupiah, BEP (Kg) was 2,504 kg, the payback period was 0.4 year and HPP was Rp 8,651.

Key words: catfish, growout, chicken slaughterhouse wate


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