Pack Horse as Transportation in North Sumatera

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Horse has a big role in human life, such as transportation. The aim of this research was to collect information of management horse system for human goods transporter in Saipar Dolok Hole. The data was analyzed descriptively. The result showed that horse has been an important transportation to carry agriculture commodities. It doesn’t need a good education to be a coachman. The horses that were used for draft animal was Batak horse. The horses and their equipment is supplied by horse agency seller in Dolok Sanggul, North Tapanuli. Majority of the horses had a solid facial marking with brown basic colour of coat. The maintenance management of horse that use as draft horse is very traditional because the limited knowledge and equipment that coachman had. The coachman has his knowledge from other friends who also have a horse and long life experiences, that way can be affected in maintenance management of horses. The goverment and coachman have an important role to increase prosperity of horse in the future.

Keyword : Pack Horse, Traditional Transportation


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